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    decanters I am of this opinion, because, while I was reading the

    air ‘Quite true, my dear Mr Copperfield! I have made the

    wild, and half the windows of the house were shut up It was


    sweetbriar fence, while my mother walked slowly up and down on


    What an idle time it was! What an insubstantial, happy, foolish

    taken his gaiters off his legs, to give away In fact, there was a story

    ‘So th’ are, so th’ are!’ cried Ham ‘Well said! So th’ are Mas’r

    ‘Leave your nephew here, for the present He’s a quiet fellow

    great care in dealing with She is always dangerous Good night!’

    know it better than I, who loved Dora with a love that never mortal

    Then, maybe, Mas’r Davy, seein’ none but Missis Gummidge

    I was not sorry to go I had lapsed into a stupid state; but I was

    swing a cat Therefore, what does that signify to me!’

    own interest, and felt the dignity of loving Dora, and of being

    I thought she seemed, upon the whole, relieved by the prospect

    the window of my mother’s room, and next it that which, in the

    ‘Remember, Agnes? When I saw you, for the first time, coming

    Dick, who I thought would have gone to sleep but for that, and

    ‘Beg your pardon, sir?’

    ‘Mr Copperfield,’ returned my mother, ‘is dead, and if you dare


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