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    practical manner, that evidently made a favourable impression

    personal to Mr Micawber, before we had been there a week’

    On somebody’s motion, we resolved to go downstairs to the

    and went on, with a hand upon each of his knees:

    Are you going away soon?’

    great offices in this great office should be magnificent sinecures,

    ‘Just so,’ said Mrs Micawber, ‘my dear Mr Traddles, I wish to

    ‘With Peggotty?’

    venerable air ‘Enough of this Do not allow a trivial

    followed me with her eyes more sorrowfully still—missing,

    their company before those solemn windows, looking blindly on


    instance—any unlikely thing will do for a supposition—that you

    here trials, and timid, like my little bird,—it’s nat’ral’

    survivors of us, share and share alike All the rest he died

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    I could hardly believe but that I was in a dream, and that I

    egg and broiling my bacon, in dudgeon; for I saw her, with my own

    with the establishment, on account of the patience and

    ‘Why, she reminds me, Steerforth,’ said I, ‘that I came out on

    to recall him by some of those superior methods which were

    ‘Smoke? You don’t mean chimneys?’ said my aunt

    ‘He came in here,’ said the waiter, looking at the light through

    hung about the place; I see the hoar frost, ghostly, through it; I feel

    so beautiful for you, if you’ll let me!’


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