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    bachelor you are here!’

    ‘To discount that bill,’ said Mrs Micawber, ‘then my opinion is,

    should hardly have wanted porters to carry it In a word, we

    ‘Thank’ee,’ said the other ‘Much obliged I don’t want to look a


    that I knew nothing at all about him; and I inquired what Mr

    David; but I tell you, my good fellow, once more, that it would have

    opinion, to know for certain that he’s really conscientious!’

    and went out at the door, I saw her cross her hands upon his knee,


    his having been a personal benefactor of hers, and a kind friend to


    sing, was such a delightful reminder to me of my happy life in the

    the box which had cost him so much pain and trouble I learned,

    taken his gaiters off his legs, to give away In fact, there was a story

    perfectly true—“and I hardly know if I have a heart at all” “Then,

    the privileges of a mother-in-law, if you go on like that, and scold

    that was not the best time of the year for seeing a garden, it was so

    that birthday I can only understand that the fact was so, because I


    delightful wonder

    and representative of that proctor, and bearing the old lady off

    the coffee-room and the familiar waiter again After I had written

    say he was—let me see—how old are you, about?’

    ‘I beg your pardon, sir?’


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