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    fades, and there is no flute, no Master, no Salem House, no David

    ‘And, Peggotty,’ says I, ‘I shall be glad to see you, and I’ll make

    ‘At any rate,’ observed Uriah, with a writhe of his ungainly

    at his wish that she should have her mother with her, to relieve the

    the poor child you sometimes tormented her through afterwards,


    whether it was the Blue Bull, or the Blue Boar; but I know it was

    have no doubt of it’

    unkindness, it threw him into a fever That was before he came to

    shaking his head, ‘and wot you do well—right well! I thankee, sir

    He came to visit with other lieutenant, Montreal is found wreckage, there is no full body, death and stretching nearly singular, Ge gives a glance, then led his team into the search.

    ‘My love!’ said I, ‘what nonsense!’

    thanks on my part, and much kindness on the devoted mother’s

    heart-broken myself, and am afraid that in the first transports of

    and might have lost him But, in the then condition of my mind,

    mean what you say And I am sure no one doubts your being at

    eyes encountered those of the staid Littimer, standing hat in hand

    David Copperfield

    I murmured my admiration and approbation

    round his head in all directions ‘Very well: very well! Quite a long

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    sea before the cottage), but she could not relent towards the

    here’—he laid his hand, without considering what he did (as I

    shoulder, and said to himself, in a whisper, if I heard right: ‘Yes, I


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