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    Peggotty if I didn’t do very well when I wasn’t interfered with!’

    familiar, that I seemed to have been leading it a long time

    reference to Miss Murdstone’s nature, of the fetters over a jail

    manner, holding her glass upon her knee, she suffered it to stand

    miscalled firmness, which was the bane of both our lives I believe

    the grey pony through Dover in a masterly manner; sitting high

    and trying to suppress a rising tendency to shudder Steerforth

    David Copperfield

    crying out—I heard my mother crying out—and Peggotty Then he

    butcher, we are always in such a tangle and tussle, knocking about

    David Copperfield

    Mr Dick nodded ‘I thought nothing would have frightened

    business, he had some share in, or some annual charge upon the

    upside-down, he would have made that respectable He

    them that made me, in combination with his vacant manner, his

    looking down upon our Union; and there is the Archbishop of

    Mr Spenlow did not appear to know what the connexion

    ‘Thank you for your good wishes, my dear Copperfield,’ he

    reclaim Mr Micawber by patience and kindness (as I knew she

    was the most susceptible part of her face, and that, when she

    Meeting her sharp glance, which was as sharp as ever when she

    In a moment we were all shaking hands with one another, and

    partly on the path, upon his face Whether he fell out in a fit, or got

    Somebody’s sharp’

    be practical, and look into the future; how a crust well earned was

    ‘That you may begin, in a small way, to have a reliance upon

    highly respectable To have imposed any derogatory work upon

    chin again, and smoking a little, ‘what I mean in a general way by


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