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    heart! I should have been more fit for Heaven than I ever have

    David Copperfield

    secrets, and after a few seconds of such repose, fell into a violent

    box), and told me that Miss Betsey lived near Dover, but whether

    being seconded by the other boys who were in that room, he

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    mean Mr Maldon!’

    Copperfield! It’s like the blowing of old breezes or the ringing of

    word to throw at a dog He couldn’t have thrown a word at a mad

    ‘Trot,’ said my aunt one evening, when the backgammon-board

    It was the one she had worn at her bosom We all looked for it; I

    out for Greek roots; which, in my innocence and ignorance, I

    Supper was comfortably served and hot, though my aunt’s

    poker I observed that he did the same thing while I was getting

    used to go back to the prison, and walk up and down the parade

    water at some height, without the least defence The incident is so

    your side?’

    she showed in the firelight like an ill-looking enchantress, baulked

    there, and engaged my bed

    obstacles You are no stranger to the fact, that there have been

    which was after some time, he told me that Miss Mowcher had

    sustain a great sacrifice, that is between themselves and their

    here to the left, out of this gate,’ tracing his finger along the

    if I had penetrated to the profoundest depths of mortal sagacity,

    subject, and, considering it with reference to the staid air of

    upon family circumstances They are not a tempting subject’

    drinking her wine and water; soaking her strips of toast in it, one


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