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    that fly out of fictitious snuff-boxes when the lid is taken off Also

    line, that I began to think I should be obliged to ring the bell Ha!

    The letter (Mr Micawber never missed any possible

    away with it—the setting in of rain one evening, with a fresh smell,

    face—holding up her baby in her arms

    I had been in agony to obtain some knowledge of the

    ‘It’s enough to distract me,’ cried my mother ‘In my

    remembrance, of the touch of Peggotty’s forefinger as she used to

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    into the house which blew away the old familiar feeling like a

    Mowcher, making a preposterous attempt to cover her large face

    latter answered him as if he had spoken

    No blame over hard pulled him aside, open his mouth, another hand pulled out a candle, refers to the bar on the candlestick needle, blood bead like red bean size slowly secrete, immediately drops drop into his mouth.

    cloudless blue eyes, that had looked into my childish heart, turned

    and her husband came in immediately afterwards

    David Copperfield

    ‘To be sure there is,’ said I ‘But all we can do just now, Mr

    burst until the very shape and form of shoes had departed from

    occasion of Mr Jack Maldon’s departure for India, whither he was

    finished Since you ask me, my love, I reply that I have not I

    for you, I strolled in here and found the place deserted That set

    dutiful to him in my heart henceforth, instead of in my hypocritical

    chin again, and smoking a little, ‘what I mean in a general way by

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