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    and the men generally spoke of me as ‘the little gent’, or ‘the

    prepared, in a wash-hand-stand jug, what he called ‘a Brew’ of the

    under existing circumstances: except, I think, St Paul’s, which,

    hotter and faster than ever, and dashed up to Highgate, at such a

    at any particularly desperate crisis, he used a sort of legal

    exclusive as the Court Circular To mend the matter, Hamlet’s

    there anybody?’

    together, and began immediately to play My impression is, after

    ‘That’s right, ma’am,’ said Mr Wickfield ‘You had better come

    Trotwood lived I needed no second permission; though I was by

    ‘there’s no doubt of it There would have been loss, disgrace, I

    all the property into which she had come; in arranging all the

    I told him between eight and nine

    loaves, firewood, candles, and walnut ketchup, continually

    ‘The second daughter, perhaps?’ I hazarded

    love as yours!’

    My apprehensions of being disparaged to the object of my

    son, I should have reliance on him’

    must have been turned completely inside out, and upside down,

    narrow test I may have fallen into such doubts as I have had,

    the shoulder I looked up with a flush upon my face and remorse

    ‘At the time I speak of, as the time when papa spoke to me,’


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