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    We walked again, for a while, in silence

    to look into my innermost thoughts

    aunt’s much easier chair in its position at the open window; and

    white, that silence immediately succeeded; and one boy, who had

    upon the beach, to pick up shells and pebbles; and when I asked

    spoken of their going away without warrant They took a lodging

    Richard Babley—that’s the gentleman’s true name’


    at all ewents, under articles to a honest man as had a right to

    you mean to go and seek your fortune?’

    moments, evidently without thinking about me at all; and then his

    ‘I suppose not,’ returned my aunt, rather grudging the


    flower-beds of the heart, I took a personal offence against them all

    need not more particularly refer, in a manner calculated to

    could not bear that,—I made up my mind to go

    There had been some talk on occasions of my going to

    side of both, oh see the ruin I am, and hate me, shun me!’

    jelly—from the pastrycook’s This, Mrs Crupp said, would leave

    reappeared, I cannot recall I don’t profess to be clear about dates

    to have such a friend as Mr Peggotty, that I called to him as he

    in the man’s face, as I handed it up, encouraged me to ask him if

    top of the fire, with the poker ‘Is he as soft as ever? And where the


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