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    thief of time Collar him!’

    ‘Oh! You mean it’s not!’ returned Miss Dartle ‘Well, I’m very

    might If he had the least idea how I adored his mistress, well he

    a subject for lost

    the congregation vanished A sermon was delivered—about Dora,

    outside When he and I engaged in some of our old exercises on

    This is not to put Yu Huan shrink, not only glared at her occasionally naughty moves, feel hands tepid, into warm spring slip into his heart.

    lodging during the visit were to be paid for

    that we are thinking about it’

    feeling for it in the window-curtains, when Steerforth, laughing,

    me, knowing my feeble powers such as they are, how you think it

    belief) no one but a little bright-eyed creetur can be in a house

    where my means of subsistence were to come from, unless I could

    ‘But, Dora, my beloved!’ said I, at last resuming it; ‘I was going

    over several heads But the first boy seems to me a mighty

    wanted to persuade Dora to come and see Traddles, but on my

    and be expecting us, when the day closed in, at the fireside

    circumstances that distressed me are not changed, since I came

    I dined regularly and handsomely, I had a saveloy and a penny

    into a hall where there were all sorts of hats, caps, great-coats,


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