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    stayed to have a little chat with her about me So Peggotty said;

    be got rid of, for six months at least, unless they could be underlet,

    laid great emphasis on that, as if to imply that I should still be

    The general air of the place reminded me forcibly of the days

    Turtle’, I went in and bought a slab of it, which I have since seen

    putting Mr Copperfield into a little loft over a stable?’

    Yes, and again, as we walk home, I note some neighbours

    said Traddles’s was a character, to the steady virtues of which he

    ‘And then there’s that woman with the Pagan name,’ said my

    ‘Ah!’ said Mr Peggotty, taking up her curls, and running them

    umbrella-struggling, hackney-coach-jostling, patten-clinking,

    head; and as he stood with one arm a-kimbo, holding up the glass

    with a noiseless step, when we were close to them, addressed

    Peggotty about Mr Barkis, who, before I had finished what I had

    Miss Murdstone confirmed this with an audible murmur

    soonest mended!’

    delivered these words through it with as much feeling and

    fine things’

    You understand! I couldn’t do it!’

    we sat, lovingly, on our little locker side by side, ‘Lor! wasn’t it


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