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    another guinea, if it would have kept us eight-and-forty hours in

    rolled its goggle eyes, at the clergyman, over its nurse’s shoulder;

    ‘Do you set a watch upon Miss Wickfield, and make her home

    the coach started, and I could hardly see the family for the

    and ‘not the least’, and other short assurances to the same

    we went in; and he was leaning over her to turn the leaves The

    himself, I suppose, with the contemplation of his happiness If so,

    off very much Mr Jorkins, notwithstanding his reputation in the

    careful of himself He may brush his hair too regular, or too unregular He may wear his boots much too large for him, or much

    outward stiffness and composure I began to reflect whether I had

    going The whole house of Omer and Joram turned out to bid us

    David Copperfield

    Indians, and the greater part could not resist the temptation of

    Dick from the hotel to the coach office before going back to school

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    so boastful about his difficulties ‘Sometimes I have risen superior

    the wife of the Doctor You have found in him an influential and

    good advantage), is not going to remain here, but intends

    known Barkis a year, to move to as he went by, I have known him

    I don’t know how I did it I did it in a moment I intercepted Jip

    distance, with my notebook on my knee, fagging after him with all

    statements pasted on it, which were nothing but old leaves of

    ‘Have you, sir?’

    more, was too much for me I took heart to tell him that I had had


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