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    The trampers were worse than ever that day, and inspired me

    David Copperfield

    inside, I conclude that Mr Barkis had some general ideas about

    end of her nose against the glass to that extent, that my poor dear

    ‘Come to the pollis!’ said the young man ‘You shall prove it

    in my heart, but Mr Mell’s eyes were fixed on Steerforth He

    I felt the utmost sympathy for Mr and Mrs Micawber in this

    reverence ‘They are both a-going out fast’

    hands upon myself, when Miss Mills still reported to me, that my

    surrounded himself with an atmosphere of respectability, and

    answered, assuming an air of sprightliness

    without natural regret The separation has not made the

    get her to repeat it, for she spoke it the first time quite down my

    for years instead of days, it is so vividly and strongly stamped on

    Even if he does not know the matter, it is not as ignorant that must use the point of Erotica


    original character formed But let him go to which extreme he

    teapot for punishment because he wouldn’t), that I felt like a sort

    my former reason, not to give it him, and I did not I gave him the

    ‘Oh, really? You know how ignorant I am, and that I only ask

    ‘What upon?’ said my aunt, sharply

    my remembrance On the last night of my restraint, I was

    The clear tone of her voice, going straight to my heart, made it


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