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    occasion of much domestic trouble and uneasiness; both during

    called you, and you may call him “Old Guilt” all the days of your

    knows behind, and not knowing what’s before him A young man

    Remember, immediately send troops to slow down ten miles, see the fire, stand on.

    I finally came back with a loud and dumb voice.

    in space, with a blue angel, in a state of blissful delirium, until I

    out of the room ‘Dick!’ said my aunt ‘You know what I told you

    good advantage), is not going to remain here, but intends

    ‘Carries a bag?’ said he—‘bag with a good deal of room in it—is

    there, when I kneel up, early in the morning, in my little bed in a

    ‘—Is,’ said Traddles, ‘that this branch of the law, even if Mr

    David Copperfield

    myself in any state you please, sentimental or comical’

    her dine with us I had my own old plate, with a brown view of a

    extensive footing that Mr Micawber, I know from my own

    was standing opposite, staring so hard, and making me blush in

    and upon his own thoughts in connexion with her, as to be quite

    Mr Traddles! My mind flew back to Salem House; and could it be

    ‘I must confess to having entertained my suspicions of Miss

    her tell, and which I knew by heart My aunt walked into that


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