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    How are you both?’

    dear,” she said then, “put me nearer to you,” for she was very

    work Traddles procured for him—which was to make, I forget how

    needle, ‘and give my compliments to Mr Dick, and I’ll be glad to

    overheard the people speaking of it at their doors Many were hard

    something—for him—considerable Oh yes Yes’

    friend as Steerforth, or in the desire to explain to him how I came

    memorializing the Lord Chancellor, or the Lord Somebody or

    got on badly with the butcher and baker, and had often not too

    You astound me! Yes, I had a satisfaction in the thought of

    who were there with a yacht, and merrily proposed to take me on

    himself, and I were left alone together, leered at me, and writhed

    whom I had seen curtseying at the door when I was on Ham’s

    merriest and most miserable of all the boys He was always being

    way upstairs How do you like the law, Mr Micawber?’

    He was greyer, the lines in his face and forehead were deeper, and

    ‘Miss Spenlow, if you please,’ said her father, majestically

    observing how much Steerforth knew, on an infinite variety of

    does not know it’

    It was the first time I had heard my aunt refer to her past

    then sat down, and began to pant, and said I had given her a turn


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