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    and rugged now, and it rests with us to smooth it We must fight

    old lady with a hand-basket, who, very reluctantly, produced from

    again, and I soon fell fast asleep

    adored me I should be reduced to the necessity of killing myself


    steady as the sea itself, then lying beneath a dark sky, waveless—

    what my feelings of happiness would be, if I could ever become

    ‘It would be better to be this poor Peggotty, or his lout of a

    pearls, which never resolved themselves into anything definite

    hear, Annie,”—no, to be sure, knowing that he never was really

    because I had not expected to see her; perhaps because I found

    Writer) to the lips of the undersigned, it would be found in the

    when you came home, my dear The day you went away, she said

    horses—why should I confine myself to four! I won’t confine

    particular stool, which was called ‘Dick’, after him; here he would

    new hope, was my aunt’s stopping on the stairs to inquire about a

    she used to look, at about that hour of the morning, in our parlour

    alas! it was the tune that never does leave off—was beating, softly,

    broken, she said, for a hundred pounds I had my own old mug

    found a vent in her gaunt eyes

    The letter (Mr Micawber never missed any possible

    genteel, that our scope was very limited A Mr and Mrs Gulpidge

    room, take it up and read it

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    I had observed it, and had often wondered whether she had too

    interest in it was so recent and strong, and my mind was so

    delight to know that, when they suffer, they don’t feel! Sometimes

    David Copperfield


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