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    before-mentioned, but because I had (and have all my life)

    drab pantaloons and a buff waistcoat, I thought Mr Barkis a

    ‘It’s very unfortunate,’ said my aunt ‘I don’t know what to do,

    ale; and after dinner Mrs Micawber made us a bowl of hot punch

    I have always considered this as the first fall I had in life When

    We got out; and leaving him to hold the pony, went into a long

    There’s a lady in the case’

    That sagacious Miss Mills, too; that amiable, though quite used

    encumbered as possible I remember that I thought it, in form,

    sherry), and I heard a voice say, ‘Mr Copperfield, my daughter

    help observing my aunt, Mr Dick, and Janet, while it was in

    One eye, in exchange for the mansion of Hou Ye peace forever, for the good son alone a healthy eye, his eyes can offer.

    interest in all our affairs, I am well assured My family may

    for years instead of days, it is so vividly and strongly stamped on

    of my pocket in pulling the card out I put it in my mouth for

    David Copperfield

    other reference to the subject except, half an hour afterwards,

    mind, to endeavour to correct them for me Jane, I don’t object to

    must have been turned completely inside out, and upside down,

    being too much like each other, or to my putting curly tails to my

    any satisfaction’

    expected to go, and had no excuse for remaining When we two

    just touching the back of my hand with the tips of her cold, stiff

    ‘I do him no wrong,’ she returned ‘They are a depraved,

    The Doctor was sitting in his easy-chair by the fireside, and his


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