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    paid off I am talking of Betsey as if she was a man-of-war Well!

    sending a gold half-guinea to Peggotty, per post, enclosed in this

    wormed things out of me that I had no desire to tell, with a

    compressible even into that face The scar made by the hammer

    opportunities wasted, many erratic and perverted feelings

    my love I regret it, but I can bear it’

    little inexperienced and girlish, Edward—I am sure you said so—

    two bad things, worse things sometimes come What does Doctor

    of his spine, like Punch

    being seconded by the other boys who were in that room, he

    But through all the confusion and lowness of spirits in which

    and done by that magnificent animal, and the wonderful effects he

    We strolled a long way, and loaded ourselves with things that

    What can you give her

    ‘David Copperfield,’ said Mrs Creakle, leading me to a sofa, and

    at her work I saw her, a most beautiful little creature, with the

    It was on this very first day that I had the misfortune to throw

    and through Enough love might have been wrung out of me,

    ‘Master Copperfield,’ he began—‘but am I keeping you up?’

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    not to be endured—were my mortal foes

    ‘Generally speaking,’ said Miss Murdstone, ‘I don’t like boys

    must live I do no harm If there are people so unreflecting or so

    opened, plunged into a vapour-bath of haunch of mutton, I divined

    ‘No, sir My brother-in-law, Tom, was her father’

    Wickfield said When I heard how he said it, and saw how he held

    hopeless, and abandoned, as such, altogether I am solemnly


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