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    said, after a pause, ‘of something like it, when it came by Where

    ask their pardon for the desolation I had caused, and curse

    overflowed towards you since the first moment I had the pleasure

    mean mother’

    only too appy if Miss Agnes was a partner’

    and hope!” And I assure you she’s the dearest girl!’

    his eyes

    ‘Whatever possessed that poor unfortunate Baby, that she must

    minutes During this interval, I glanced at Ham again, and

    ‘I am very well,’ said I; ‘and not at all Bacchanalian tonight,

    ‘He might have done worse,’ said my aunt

    do not look forward far enough You are bound, in justice to your

    ‘Mr Copperfield,’ said Miss Mills, ‘come to this side of the

    festive character of our departure, by immediately bursting into

    upon, that, slippery as Mr Micawber was, I was probably indebted


    recollected them very well

    take time to consider it’

    propose that one, on the way home Mine’s another’

    which he never permitted anybody else to take with those sacred

    We were silent again, and remained so, until the Doctor rose

    ‘whether it ever came to my knowledge until this moment?’


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