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    ‘But where are they all, I wonder!’ said I

    ‘Hush! Pray!’ she answered, I could not conceive why ‘You

    Nothing happened, however, worse than morning Almost as

    to me about the time when he had seen Mr Peggotty at Salem

    the bosom of her gown, and put on her outer clothing smartly, at a

    mama, and I use the word almost unconsciously What I mean to

    the Doctor himself—where is it? Oh!—“I am sorry to inform you

    late, and Mr and Miss Murdstone approved of early hours for

    On the contrary, Mr Copperfield used—or I am much mistaken—

    ‘Lord forbid!’ cried Peggotty

    idea of this petition to the club, and the club had strongly

    David Copperfield

    features; and she said, in an intolerant manner, grasping the armchair tightly with her hands:

    found that a heap of these creatures, in a state of wonderful

    positively, from the roof to the basement, a mercenary speculation

    approached him tenderly, for I loved even him; but he showed his

    look disturbed? ‘

    Davy,’ said Ham, tenderly adjusting it on the rough palm of his

    the shoulder, at every dive) a number of small bottles, sponges,

    beef with roast beef, and boiled mutton with roast mutton; of clods

    provide for your eating and drinking, and pocket-money Your

    with a pitiable whimper, ‘and now I’m told so! How could I expect

    talking on? Doen’t I want you more now, than ever I did?’

    misfortune, nearly opposite to where we stood I pointed out the

    for another invitation to Mr Spenlow’s house I was always being

    ‘Well, Wickfield!’ said my aunt; and he looked up at her for the



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