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    And now I see the outside of our house, with the latticed

    the worth of political life I am quite an Infidel about it, and shall

    Brother Yuwen Qing could not protest. Fortunately, you judge me, brother.

    David Copperfield

    forgiveness, and to take you home!”‘

    Heep an agreeable woman

    said Traddles, doubtfully ‘The fact is, we avoid mentioning the

    ‘It’s all yourn, Em’ly,’ I could hear him say ‘I haven’t nowt in all

    great spirits, had been strolling about the beach before I was up,

    couldn’t so properly have said he wore a hat, as that he was

    ‘Come, don’t you fidget Your bones are young enough, I’m sure!’

    was a heap of coats and boat-cloaks, and a flag, all bundled up

    beginning life on my own account, the oldest of the regular boys

    about here, at odd times There’s been a gen’lm’n too Both of ’em

    Traddles has, on two several occasions, “put his name”, if I may

    lodging up behind the parapet of a house in Castle Street,

    delightful to her was delightful to me Miss Mills, with an air of

    David Copperfield

    The garden was cool and solitary I walked about, wondering

    alone, I don’t know; but I can see him now, staring at me as I ate

    always ready for me Mr Peggotty was well, and Ham was well,


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