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    of Mr Jorkins, Copperfield I wish it were otherwise, for I should

    and had made acquaintance, he said, with half the boatmen in the

    pause, ‘Was your mama well?’

    and most wonderful of women, and his unbounded reliance on my

    of powder-mills that might blow up at any time

    I do not conceive that this discovery gave me much pain then I

    cloudless blue eyes, that had looked into my childish heart, turned

    ‘A little puss, it is!’ said Mr Peggotty, patting her with his great

    stairs; to any laughing, whistling, or singing, outside, which

    David Copperfield

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    picture of my mother in her youth, before I came into the world It

    thoughtfully down the hill He told me, as soon as I came up with


    formally under her protection On my being settled at Doctor

    offer to take that trouble

    aforesaid Blinking over a little desk like a pulpit-desk, in the

    Traddles said ‘Exactly so,’ and became pretty red in the face

    him not—drank it, and fell dead It was too old for him It oughtn’t

    of us, now broke in again

    there Mr and Mrs Barkis bade us good-bye, and drove away

    of law and equity He is a functionary whose existence, in the

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    began to sob, saying, if I didn’t like her, why had I ever wanted so

    said, that he had gone home with Uriah, and had drunk brandy-


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