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    Here I sit at the desk again, watching his eye—humbly

    ‘And how is Master David?’ he says, kindly

    points Blood is not so We see Blood in a nose, and we know it We

    recollection rises fresh upon me Once more the little room, with

    in a frantic way, to his own windy tune, the ‘Death of Nelson’; with

    her Next to accepting a large sum on the spot, I believe this gave

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    the boats and ships, and once or twice he took us for a row I don’t

    Clara to have been, in all essential respects, a mere child’

    declaration that she knowed she was a burden, and had better be

    ‘I don’t know how it is,’ said Peggotty, ‘unless it’s on account of

    flit away before us I turned him hastily on some pretence, and

    Commons, he had spent more than his professional income, which

    thought of anything about myself, distinctly The two things

    in my honour, but that I saw Peggotty, on the opposite side of the

    My aunt was so exasperated by the coolness with which Miss

    me that she makes one of her professional visits here, every year,

    In those days there was a side-entrance to the stable-yard of the

    When should I ever tire of her! But that’s different, that’s quite

    him in an aviary, I should certainly have taken for an owl, but who,

    going away from, have compassion on my uncle! Tell

    I found that Mrs Heep gradually got nearer to me, and that

    nearly two hours, as she sat looking at the fire, until he was again

    words we have sung together before now, that

    in my heart of hearts a favourite child And his name is DAVID


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