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    herself so agreeable as she might have been expected to do, under

    was a limp, delicate-looking gentleman, I thought, with a good deal

    peregrinations in this metropolis have not as yet been extensive,

    half making up his mind to come into the church I feel that if I

    expiration of that period, Mr Micawber would be eligible as a

    coffer, his riches hid themselves with such a tenacious modesty,

    reformation, should owe me any good-will now There is an

    There never was such another drunken madman in that line of

    you, begging and praying you not to be as hard with me

    direction (and that so natural), is better than mine’

    companionship, Steerforth’

    Or have you not begun to think about it yet?’

    see you again!’

    Gummidge did it; and, I am sorry to relate, cast a damp upon the

    under the same kind of astonishment to this day, having invariably

    Mr Chillip was so alarmed by her abruptness—as he told my

    shaking his head, ‘and wot you do well—right well! I thankee, sir

    for her, I felt proud to know him; and believed that she could not

    There’s the history of Miss Rosa Dartle for you’

    great dog underneath But, though I looked all round with anxious

    as his word, if that were all right which I had a secret misgiving

    ‘Do you know her?’ I demanded

    ‘Exactly so,’ returned Mrs Micawber (‘Wilkins, you are


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