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    an opportunity of observing them’

    I found the fire burning clear enough in my room by this time,

    Mr Spenlow apologetically murmured his assent

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    table, as the emblem of that high jurisdiction; and how I felt when

    supposed to be a botanical furor on the Doctor’s part, especially as

    him much credit

    offered none, and we conversed on other subjects until we came to

    The little fellow, who was holding her apron, gave such a lusty

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    ‘By my look? Dear me, Copperfield, that’s sharp practice! What

    out of the room

    I glanced at the latter deferentially as he stood looking out of

    ‘I suppose,’ said my aunt, eyeing me as narrowly as she had

    man that I would be glad if he would stop for a minute, when he

    such available property as could be made away with’

    stopped my most unwilling hand It is done Nothing can undo it;

    I provided myself I kept another small loaf, and a modicum of


    Agnes was one of Mr Dick’s friends, very soon; and in often

    ‘Deuce take the man!’ exclaimed my aunt ‘Always fishing for

    ‘You have heard the “counting-house” mentioned sometimes,’

    mankind; and whether that’s a merit, or whether it’s a blemish, it

    face I went down on my knees I plucked at my hair I denounced

    hand to anything, on which I could throw my whole self; and never

    with her eyes full of tears, and go out of the room Gradually, an

    ‘Certainly, ma’am,’ said I

    to sleep A day or two before the burial—I think it was a day or two


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