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    ‘And do you go too, ma’am?’

    ‘Don’t say so,’ I returned ‘You don’t think so’

    of my heart sing enchanted ballads in the French language,

    When we had exhausted the subject of the stars, or rather when

    could mould her pliant nature into any form he chose, as I know,

    Charley?’ peeping round into his face

    it’s something The table-cloths, and pillow-cases, and articles of

    they came so very natural to me But oh! when I did find the

    ‘Last evening after tea,’ pursued Miss Murdstone, ‘I observed

    happy, there was a tranquillity about it, and about her—a quiet,

    are, and she don’t have any more alarms or suspicions about us,

    neighbourhood some half-a-year before This, his regular

    David Copperfield

    limb in some other form incompatible with the general interests of

    look, and saw her very slightly shake her head, and form ‘No!’ with

    accident, and drew Agnes quickly away Then I saw, as though all

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    of my great-coat on the chair yonder, and I think you’ll find the

    Peggotty had told me now, was so far from bringing me back to

    drinking out of a bottle, said I was like a boa-constrictor who took

    surrounded by the sleeping family

    interrupt her, and she knew why, ‘as often as you think of me—to

    ‘That I am sure he will,’ said I

    Are you going away soon?’

    there’s a struggle going on when that’s the case Why should it be


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