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    must require from Mr Copperfield a distinct assurance, on his

    could not fail to make upon society, lured me away So powerful

    didn’t stop At last she came here, apprenticed for three years

    David Copperfield

    had remained in London

    told her as mildly as I could what his wrong was, and what my own

    ‘No You see the truth is,’ said Traddles, in a whisper, ‘he had

    wire, looking in all the corners with their red eyes for anything to

    he can’t live there And if he can’t live there, he’ll die there, sooner

    have grown older, I think I have had experience of some other

    were seated, ‘to pay you the compliments of the day—though they

    judges and doctors wouldn’t have cared for Dora, if they had

    light Yes, I should say he would never, for example, be worth five

    like her very much’

    ‘Oh dear me, dear me, do you think it will do me any good?’


    ‘Oncommon,’ said Mr Peggotty

    But morning brought with it my parting from the old house,

    of asking if that were Mr Blackboy’s (in imitation of poor Barkis),

    frequently ground the palms against each other as if to squeeze

    little when they’re out of spirits,’ said Traddles ‘Nothing

    Wickfield and Agnes Uriah threw the ball to Mrs Heep, Mrs

    I said I was sure it must be delightful to her, and all that was

    myself that I have been, in this Devil’s bark of a boat, within the

    In fact, my heart is a little resentment, he once hated Qing son, why the same father with the mother of the two brothers, fate was so different, secretly hate him as ordinary people, but also the envy of ordinary people. He is on the front line, a deliberate attempt to die on the battlefield, he considers this specific body. How can let him die.


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