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    Peggotty was stowing his bag among the luggage, ‘his life is quite

    the diocese of Canterbury was altogether such a pestilent job, and

    I might not have been prepared to give the little creature a very

    really she, or whether it was a confusion of the shadows in the

    the sight of glasses, the impossibility of going out, or even getting

    Thank you very much’

    I stood amazed at the revelation of all this perfidy, looking at

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    the most melodious manner) ‘On a Sunday morning, when I don’t

    you wish to be done, can’t be done I—I really have got an

    road and looked in There was a pretty woman at the back of the

    ‘They are potent spirits, and will do whatever you like,’ he

    functions, which prevented our getting at each other as we used to

    be delighted to consult him, I resolved to make it a subject of

    inquired Mrs Heep

    flogged for disorderly conduct in the bedroom Whatever I had

    in order for him Twice a week! Fingers and toes’

    and not have some part in the grief of all who mourned Thus the

    I told him humbly that I wanted money, and that nothing else was

    David Copperfield

    knife I knew her immediately to be Miss Betsey, for she came

    imprudent, has he, Mr Heep?’

    talking to me in the playground, that I hazarded the observation

    was never gayer than that excellent woman

    A dread falls on me here A cloud is lowering on the distant

    do not look forward far enough You are bound, in justice to your


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