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    Dear, tender little Dora, so unconscious of this Dragon’s eye!

    come to this here roof tonight, of all nights in my life,’ said Mr

    ‘My dear Jane!’ cried my mother

    Mrs Crupp said, thank Heaven she had now found summun she

    as I look far back, into the blank of my infancy, are my

    moment, but has done so in the teeth of a great parliamentary

    board the yacht, where they all three descended into the cabin,

    dearest bit of blue ribbon, ‘those are also from your pen, Mr

    and stood on the hearth-rug in front of the fireplace

    ‘Could I defend my conduct if I did not, sir?’ I returned, with all

    Master Copperfield, too!) under his thumb Un—der—his thumb,’

    ‘I know that James Steerforth,’ she said, with her hand on her

    David Copperfield

    I well remember though, how the distant idea of the holidays,

    given for rags, bones, and kitchen-stuff The master of this shop

    ‘I don’t give myself the trouble of thinking at all about you,’ said

    immediately, as it would require a large establishment There

    sounding it, with her right hand

    frightened! And where was Julia Mills! And oh, take her to Julia

    ‘Barkis, ma’am,’ said Peggotty, with a curtsey

    feeble efforts he made to keep him out, and the certainty with

    house—facing, you understand, towards the church’

    in hers, and marched us into breakfast as if it were a soldier’s

    me some tears, but on the whole it was much better than I had

    triumph, ‘and I shall do what I can to put a stop to this friendship

    I dreamed, I thought, that once while he was blowing into this


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