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    easily wounded’

    Mr Micawber to take I feel that the time is arrived when Mr

    and took a walk through the Museum, where I could not help

    she would never be the first to breathe his name

    could have imparted to it

    and when I had made some efforts to entertain them, over our

    you bear to trample on his undeserved affliction!’

    had finished, and we were going out to the schoolroom, I was

    at Murdstone and Grinby’s

    She was not afraid. I was afraid that if he put her to death in the condition of his unconsciousness, he would personally hand himself. That year, in the market, the warlock said, "one day, lucky boy will die because of me. How can you be afraid of me?"

    under his arm Mr Creakle then made a speech, through Tungay,

    the Doctor himself—where is it? Oh!—“I am sorry to inform you

    thought we might improve the Commons Mr Spenlow replied

    outside When he and I engaged in some of our old exercises on

    ‘Why, you know not,’ said Mr Creakle ‘Don’t you, man?’

    Mrs Micawber, while Traddles looked (with reason) not a little

    eight years between the two sisters; and that the younger

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    Mas’r Davy—Oh! most content and cheerful! She’s more to me—

    ‘And Mrs Micawber?’ I pursued

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics


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