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    Will you promise me one thing, Peggotty? Will you write and tell

    ‘And what the devil do you mean,’ retorted Steerforth, ‘by

    opinion that it was ‘a jolly shame’; for which I became bound to

    if I may call anything so calm a breaking out, ‘wished to surround

    inkstand, ‘and exactly where I hold this pen, there stands the

    but for me, is, I fear, too true Much that I have seen, but not

    looking down, or looking back; I was gone, headlong, before I had

    ‘Young Copperfield,’ said Steerforth, coming forward up the

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    overpowers me for a minute, he still looms through my slumber,

    would frequently have taken a pull at them, if it had been feasible’

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    which this troublesome breath of mine gets into action But, Lord

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