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    Not to meander myself, at present, I will go back to my birth

    ‘One thing more,’ he said ‘I observe that you have an

    delightful wonder


    make unpleasantness in the family) not to go against me!’

    eyes darkened with a frown, as it turned, in its aversion,

    ‘Well!’ he resumed at length ‘Says you, “Peggotty! Barkis is

    David Copperfield

    I found Mr Waterbrook to be a middle-aged gentleman, with a

    dignity to leave the room, when Mr Peggotty signified that it was

    Though there was nothing very airy about Miss Murdstone, she

    brought with her two uncompromising hard black boxes, with her

    work was over, I am really afraid to recollect, lest I should seem to

    top of the fire, with the poker ‘Is he as soft as ever? And where the

    constitution, received a caning and six chapters of Greek

    grey-headed, laughing, and happy; and he never had anything

    ‘So she makes,’ said Mr Barkis, after a long interval of

    the cart, and the donkey, were all equally mad; and I was quite out

    putting his fish-like hand on mine, ‘I’m not a lady’s man in

    desk in the schoolroom, worked hard with pen, ink, ruler, books,

    for I appear not to belong to anybody, and nobody appears to have

    ‘Come! Say the next day, and pass as much of tomorrow as you

    ever think of me—I mean,’ with a quiet smile, for I was going to

    ‘I have written to him,’ said my aunt

    of being both sly and shy at once, that she captivated me more

    was grown But when she drew nearer, and I saw her blue eyes

    said Uriah, very slowly, as he stretched out his cruel-looking hand

    ‘Two parties, of course!’ said Mr Omer, nodding his head

    but in some sort like a prisoner; my aunt going in front and Janet


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