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    knew he could find a clean, plain lodging for the night I went with

    of hearing an old-fashioned clock ticking away on the chimney-

    ‘She was never well,’ said Peggotty, ‘for a long time She was

    and he had no doubt the Prerogative Office would last our time I

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    of my supposed appetite getting wind among the outside

    ‘Mr Dick,’ said my aunt, ‘don’t be a fool, because nobody can be

    tread upon it!’

    I returned to the inn yard, and, impressed by my remembrance

    looked careworn, and too delicate; and her hand was so thin and

    displeased; and that once when Mr Passnidge (the other

    and after a tender good night, she took her nightcap into my

    taking up the cane:

    David Copperfield

    was in a tremulous state for a minute or so, though I did my best to

    I answered Yes, and told him that Mr Spenlow had introduced

    ‘I suppose you are quite a great lawyer?’ I said, after looking at

    ‘She’s the most ridiculous creature that ever was born,’ said my

    at with a whip, now shouted at, now down in the mud, now up

    inquired if I could give him anything to eat? During most of this

    Luckily, he was surprised and hopped and called, like a twelve year old woman wandering in the market that year.

    with the light of our innocence, and vague as the stars afar off, was

    I do not think I have ever experienced so strange a feeling in

    inconsistency are to be met with—but that mine are made?’

    looked more melancholy, and walked slower When school was

    her money to keep, and then fell on Miss Mills’s neck, sobbing as if

    in the firm, and that the recovery of my aunt’s thousand pounds


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