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    Such a self-contained man I never saw But in that quality, as in

    particular corner of the press from which they had been taken,

    mentioned newspapers to me, as one of his hopes, I had put the

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    morning of her birthday, when she came to sit in the window

    I had, for leave to knock him down

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    talking to?’

    of his reverie At length he aroused himself, and looked about the

    sort of ark?’

    wished Mr Copperfield to be accompanied by some confidential

    ‘I can’t make it out,’ said Mr Dick, shaking his head ‘There’s

    ‘Lord bless my soul!’ he exclaimed, ‘I didn’t know they were

    which stopped his playing for a moment I was in the middle state

    to the qualities that might have made him a man of a noble nature

    yielded to my self-reproach and shame, and—in short, made a fool

    it’s true without that’

    along in front of them, and Dora often stopped to admire this one

    as we had often been out together to fly, with more luggage piled

    had always had his eye, but which he did not expect to attain

    when he added:

    or be fought for, and become the prey of the strongest One of our

    into the pores of my skin, I have a slice of bread to help me out


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