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    tree above my mother’s grave

    of preparation, was to find the Doctor’s house It was not in that

    after, instead of me Oh, if you knew how my heart is

    have been more kind, sir, more just, sir It would have saved me

    entering on these duties, my anxiety is set at rest I speak,’ said

    In a word, they were married, and had gone into the church for

    pincushion, to assist Mrs Micawber in her toilette at my dressing-

    mother was ‘a wax doll’ She had never seen my mother, but she

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    me back

    with my best remembrances to all at home As I left him, resuming

    reverence ‘They are both a-going out fast’

    Arrived at Mr Wickfield’s house, I found, in the little lower


    on my best clothes, and having my boots cleaned over and over

    was over, afraid of committing myself in my response to any

    remonstrance about it, Agnes? Consider what a connexion it is

    begging pardon, and retreating But I kept my ground

    were laughing boys, singing boys, talking boys, dancing boys,

    upon my freedom than the before-mentioned thinking and looking

    insert Miss Shepherd’s name—I put her in among the Royal

    be otherwise?—to undertake the whole charge of my own

    never left it She had fallen back, already, on the society of the

    her I told her that I idolized and worshipped her Jip barked


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