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    his hands ‘What I have come down to be, since I first saw you in

    Micawber is entirely changed He is reserved He is secret His life

    I observed Agnes turn pale, as she looked very attentively at my

    with her hands before her face Ham was standing near her

    David Copperfield

    Crupp’s countenance and in my aunt’s, that the deed was done

    was but one solitary bidding, and that was from an attorney

    may pay for him, if you like We won’t be hard about terms, but

    should state it now, was this Mr Murdstone was firm; nobody in

    David Copperfield

    foreman of the packers, and another named Tipp, who was the

    how imprudent he has been!’

    aunt—‘God forgive me that I should call her so, and she gone

    —Never more, oh God forgive you, Steerforth! to touch that

    Peggotty turned cross in a moment, and brushed my hair the

    David Copperfield

    David Copperfield

    ‘This idea of Mrs Micawber’s, my dear Copperfield,’ said Mr

    upon to talk Even when he took Peggotty out for a walk on the

    had attempted to go after every sentence, and had somehow or

    This was a frightful beginning Traddles had to indicate that I


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