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    mother with her pretty hair and youthful shape, and

    ‘Oh, bless you! Keep a good heart, sir!’ said Mrs Crupp,

    David Copperfield

    match into his phosphorus-box on purpose to shed a glare over his

    not discover until afterwards, namely, that she was one of a series

    Yes. Tianzhu Temple abbot is.

    She ain’t my child; I never had one; but I couldn’t love her more

    seemed to vanish like a dream, and to leave me helpless and

    best remedy for her complaint;—or, if I had not such a thing by

    number two of the catechism to Mr Peggotty

    habits grow upon one! Really? Less guarded and more trustful?

    I was not actively ill-used I was not beaten, or starved; but the

    thinking, do you know, Mr Dick, that I might call him Trotwood?’

    scruple of telling me that it had occurred to her, on her lately

    aunt, ‘Jellips, or whatever his name was, what was he about? All

    gets married next, as the child relates I only hope,’ said my aunt,

    was over, afraid of committing myself in my response to any

    Wickfield, sedately eating his dinner

    mistaken if she missed a word of this, or lost a look of mine as I

    the servant’s directions walked upstairs; conscious, as I passed the


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