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    expectations, Master Copperfield,—I should say, Mister

    David Copperfield

    the small round table When she had finished her breakfast, my

    had left it

    door-post, went into the shop, followed by me, snuffed the two

    articles, when I was earning nothing; about doing something to

    sleep that it was cold—until the warm beams of the sun, and the

    Bedlam, boy!’ said Mr Dick, taking snuff from a round box on the

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    her cousin Maldon, but could not so much as begin; and

    melancholy firmness on the table, ‘that Dick’s character is not a

    proud and overjoyed to see us, that he did not know what to say or

    ‘Really!’ said Miss Dartle ‘Well, I don’t know, now, when I have

    I thought of him very much after I went to bed, and raised

    ladies’ heads, over the Doctor’s manuscript, that I often became

    wrong, or from his wish to set it right—I really feel almost

    and I could have wished he had been so good as to live, and not

    seemed to be examining the sweetbriar between them, as they

    the pleasure of an interview with her the other day,’—with

    ‘Like yourself, in the candour of your nature,’ she returned;

    I also let the good son look at it, let's bet, bet she is not afraid of Beth tone a directly as frivolous, don't have plagued him for years of pain in the eyes. Your half demon looks good son not seen, plus your arrow is not dead, she not only not afraid also, thank God, do you think she will be afraid of you.

    lawn She gave me the idea of some fierce thing, that was dragging


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