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    trundling a hoop The tray was kept from tumbling down, by a

    upon your trip, alone I did think, once, of Mr Dick’s going with

    ‘My Uriah,’ said Mrs Heep, ‘has looked forward to this, sir, a

    But Dora sang, and others sang, and Miss Mills sang—about the


    At this minute I see him turn round in the garden, and give us a

    fall like death afore me Many a time in my sleep had I raised her

    judge for herself; also, to take her, with the same object, to two or

    My brother, you see you see she grabbed Yu Huan forward scurry, fingers very busy, while to the East, while refers to west, to dazzle the eyes.

    But after I have stood in the doorway for some time, and

    glaring down the passage—‘because that there little bill has been

    have gone down on my knees to her and besought her forgiveness;

    and Mrs Markleham, who was very fond of amusements, and very

    of unutterable interest, and hardly breathing at the critical times!

    to write to Agnes (who was not to mind her letters being foolish,

    my Davy, and ask him to take me in’

    in the glimpse I had of him) whether to take the money for me or

    before noon

    I do not at all complain of having been kept out of this property;

    ‘Uriah Heep,’ said Mr Wickfield, in a monotonous forced way,

    ninety-two I have understood that it was, to the last, her proudest

    it shines, like her own honest forehead, with perpetual friction

    only comforts I felt as if I had been living in a palace of cards,

    night-coach, which was called the Farmer, and was principally

    would have raised me up

    people over so much, would enable me to enter!


    military, ought to have some compensation, if there be evenhanded justice in the world


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