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    Spenlow and Jorkins I had ninety pounds a year (exclusive of my

    and distinctly spoken, with her head on one side, and her eye in

    ‘Certainly, my dear Jane,’ replied my mother, who was holding

    ‘Ha!’ said my aunt ‘Well, sir?’

    There will be time to find some better place for him in the

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    ‘He did,’ said Steerforth


    day a-foot, and often with some poor soldier or another, travelling

    think of what I have said Do you forgive me for all this?’

    I sat down by the side of the bed, he said that it did him a world of

    down to Norwood

    night”, when he first learnt French, and thought it so like English

    in a word for the boy at that time?’

    go, David?’

    instant, only as the young mother of my earliest impressions, who


    ‘No,’ replied my aunt ‘I have not come for any law’

    lowest of it, I believe; but the Bank was at the other end of the

    ‘It’s my opinion, you see,’ said Mr Peggotty, with a delighted

    another turn in my shirt, to hold me more securely

    and went before us to the drawing-room Mrs Steerforth was

    violently chucked under the chin by the long-legged young man,

    The rest of the half-year is a jumble in my recollection of the

    have hoped that Steerforth was there, I would have lurked about

    enter into my feelings thoroughly

    knew there were not, and couldn’t be, but thought it manly to

    Cathedral towers to walk with a clerkly bearing on the grass-

    frighten the birds; but I walked over to Blunderstone early in the


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