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    Uriah Heep

    came running out of a kitchen on the opposite side of the yard to

    I don’t approve of it I don’t mind acknowledging to you that I’ve

    David Copperfield

    David Copperfield

    So much compunction for having ever wronged him, even by a

    Saturday afternoon to get it curled

    corruption of my aunt and Mr Dick; while I used to sit, at a little

    ‘Why, really’ said Mr Dick, ‘I don’t see how it can have been in

    little kiss, and folding her hands ‘Don’t I know she’s a naughty,

    David Copperfield

    below the solemn moon

    David Copperfield

    Mr Peggotty had made a communication to me on the way to

    ‘I am aware, my dear Mr Copperfield,’ pursued Mrs Micawber,

    go farther back into such times than many of us suppose; just as I

    David Copperfield

    down at that point The leg of mutton came up very red within,

    The evening wind made such a disturbance just now, among

    I know I do not exaggerate, unconsciously and unintentionally,

    ‘I come from London,’ I said

    support, of any kind, from anyone, that I can call to mind, as I

    broken, she said, for a hundred pounds I had my own old mug

    Dora’s, and we shall frequently hear of one another that way’

    alone to finish the evening, my aunt sitting opposite to me

    ‘Can you cook this young gentleman’s breakfast for him, if you

    altogether destitute of worldly possessions, and that my daughter

    out of his breast pocket “‘J Steerforth, Esquire, debtor, to The

    another time,—how long is it likely to be, my dear Agnes, before


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