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    We might have gone about half a mile, and my pocket-

    about it ‘Have you been there long?’

    in the best room on the other side of the passage not being

    trust in which I held the orphan child!

    cheesemonger’s shop, and buy five thousand double-Gloucester

    David Copperfield

    keep away I say let him keep away,’ said Mr Creakle, striking his

    some mischief still, for busy hands to do” The busy people achieve

    She was very kind to me She kept me there all day, and left me

    this place, whether or no

    drank out of a blue teacup, and I out of a tin pot All day long, and

    of some duration they returned, and I saw, to my joy, both in Mrs


    Traddles still remained, perhaps, but it was very doubtful; and I

    ‘It has become a second nature,’ said Mrs Steerforth, without

    consider our brother’s opinions as regarded her position as being

    ‘Tea Your mistress is a little unwell Don’t dawdle’

    being billeted in two remote corners: he in the glare of a red velvet

    those who had the good fortune to be born Bloaters) that

    out I see him now, going away in custody, despised by the

    I was not aware of it myself, but I felt it necessary to uphold the

    quarter of an hour, grave affairs long since composed’

    they came to consider that they were released from them All their


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