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    His honest face, as he looked at me with a serio-comic shake of

    with a glance at the latter

    after Traddles and me, for luck, as we went downstairs

    Peggotty, with a steady but a kindling eye, ‘that has looked at me,

    perhaps—something I would ask, I think, of no one else Have you

    dear Copperfield, engaged in the sale of corn upon commission It

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    Agnes, looking up into my face

    alone to finish the evening, my aunt sitting opposite to me

    Micawber, rising ‘I have no scruple in saying, in the presence of

    you might write something for me to read—I think he

    David Copperfield

    opinions—if they may be so called—that I ever derived from what

    ‘Bless the Baby!’ exclaimed Miss Betsey, unconsciously quoting

    hearts to him in a moment

    and made me hold forth in a most unwonted manner I laughed

    aunt, a little ruffled by the combat, marched past them into the

    way of doing any little thing for us at home, very well If she don’t,

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    There was one change in my condition, which, while it relieved

    her eyes All this time, Mr Wickfield had his glance upon her as

    the bridle of a third animal laden with a bestriding child, turned

    ‘That’s rather a chuckle-headed fellow for the girl; isn’t he?’

    childhood, that shut up like a bite Compressing her lips, in

    little while before I took my leave, when, Miss Mills chancing to

    peering in at us, and constantly imagining herself detected; in


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