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    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    Soldier resignedly, ‘that, of course, he gave up altogether, when he

    We sat round the fire, and talked delightfully I told them what

    which only I received On the contrary, a large majority of the boys

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    was T Copperfield, Esquire, and he believed it, and gave me the

    inquiry made no impression on any of the bystanders, if I except a

    embarrassment of either disclosure or concealment, by presenting

    ‘I saw you in the street just now You may suppose I am not

    Again I looked at her, again I listened to her after she was

    bluebottles A cloggy sensation of the lukewarm fat of meat is upon

    to remain there when I began to starve That would obviously be

    like, besides, I’ll leave her till morning Let me stay too!’

    She vowed that she would never take any medicine in her next life, and begged her to give her a healthy body.

    expression, and asked if he could guess what it was that she had

    receipt of any salary, and consequently was not obnoxious to

    David Copperfield

    of the country, to fifty members at half-a-crown a head, the winner

    yourself So you are now going to London, David, with Mr

    friendship by giving me one of her best hugs I think I had some

    ‘My dear Jane!’ cried my mother

    the wife of the Doctor You have found in him an influential and

    sounds, and we all laughed (Steerforth too), in irresistible

    ‘Now, sir, as he don’t condescend to tell me, what is this?’

    am at your disposal Make your own arrangements’

    how my father’s grave was in the churchyard near our house, and

    allow herself to be made dull by a dull old fellow Moreover, he

    enough, I used to get half-a-pint of ready-made coffee and a slice


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