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    away to a shop in a narrow street, on which was written OMER,

    plainly as a man could say: ‘You are very young, sir; you are

    handkerchief should be spread upon the horse’s back to dry I

    entry where you could see hardly anything, a little stone-blind

    but I remember that they affected me very much then—to

    spasms on the part of Mrs Crupp, had cut the dispute short, by

    places, I shall not endeavour to describe We went down by the

    ‘I am sorry,’ I returned, ‘that there is only one bed here, and

    ‘Who has done this?’ exclaimed Miss Mills, succouring her

    this intelligence The shock of such an event happening so

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    squinting, and will not be able to get your eyes back’)

    ‘That Barkis is willing,’ I repeated, innocently ‘Is that all the

    certain similarity in the sound of the word skittles and

    ‘What do you call a price, now, for this here little weskit?’

    about, in my pocket, many months

    you heard her say, over and over again, that on this account she

    upon you, there’s a many as will You are a young gentleman to be

    had said, how could I say I wouldn’t take a week, yet how could I

    with the other

    confidence, ‘they are weaned—and Mrs Micawber is, at present,

    course for her peace was to do nothing, and to keep to myself what

    David Copperfield

    Peggotty to sing, or rather to roar, ‘When the stormy winds do

    gentleman, with a grey head, who shut up one eye in a grotesque


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