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    remark this in moon likewise? J M) D, J M and J took airing in

    forget how my mother had thought that she felt her touch her


    sickly mask of mirth, I have not informed you, this evening, that


    least, Mr Gulpidge had) with the law business of the Bank; and

    would have as much need to live, if she was the bitterest and

    ‘Dora is coming to stay with me She is coming home with me

    ‘That’s right’

    Miss Murdstone,—can’t you, Jip, dear?’

    corner), I shall go Any gap at your fireside on such a night—such

    am not so successful with the second, for I am very stupid I

    ‘I found out an English gen’leman as was in authority,’ said Mr

    woman whose approach we had not observed, but whose face I

    morning It was now winter again; and the fresh, cold windy day,

    turned them with a fork, and took them off, under Mr Micawber’s

    ‘Thank you, sir,’ retorted Mrs Heep ‘We know our station and

    I tried to comfort her on this point, but she rejected consolation

    ‘By the by! and letters from Mr Jack Maldon!’ said the Doctor

    ‘That’s the way to put it, you see, Master Copperfield!’ observed

    could make much of my mother without any help, it certainly was

    inquired, in the pride of my heart

    to her that morning She knew no more than I did, where he was

    Then, she immediately ran out of the house to wash her face, in

    ‘Oh, indeed, Master Copperfield,’ said Uriah ‘Your aunt is a

    twelve months, but for me just half a minute, my young friend,

    had never entered into such a marriage I have always been of that


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