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    them known to Mr and Mrs Micawber I cannot express how

    You know I know the roar sound, feel around human eyes confused, busy he lowered his voice, I appreciate your kindness, your own book, see

    David Copperfield

    upon the corks, or finished bottles to be packed in casks All this

    surrounded himself with an atmosphere of respectability, and

    married—but try to think as if I died when I was little,

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    soon became herself again, and said she was very glad it was over

    something real in his mouth, and delicious to taste; Mr Micawber,

    whatever they laid hold of, were usually to be found in a little

    agree in what you propose’

    Murdstone’s opinion was; and I never saw Miss Murdstone, when

    me; but whenever I had been treated worse than usual, he always

    which gleams—in your friend Traddles, is an unspeakable

    rejoined ecstatically, drawing up one leg ‘But would you have any

    ‘I beg your pardon, Mr Traddles,’ said Mr Micawber, with the


    Norwood was many miles too near, and we reached it many

    to an old friend, in confidence

    think the latter separated us from motives of policy Howbeit,

    for him’

    bulwark of our national liberties

    ‘Lord bless my soul!’ cried Mr Spiker

    David Copperfield

    dismal flute, the old woman of the house, who had gone nearer

    How is this boring and living day, how to drag the long day

    assurance of her lasting friendship, and spoke to us, generally, as


    gathered in When it was almost dark, he lay down on a sofa,


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