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    knees on the gravel, with the probability before me of grazing

    Lunch succeeded to our sight-seeing, and the short winter day

    ‘I will forgive you, Agnes,’ I replied, ‘when you come to do

    everybody But since we have got so far, I ought to take the liberty

    me, in her pretty coaxing way—as if I were a doll, I used to think:

    capacity of being much surprised by anything; but it is matter

    anything to say to me, except Mr Larkins, who asks me how my

    ‘Have a blow at it,’ said the old woman, coaxingly ‘Do!’

    supposed to have fixed her mind upon, until Peggotty, on seeing

    head; then, slowly opening her eyes, resumed:

    ‘It’s a most extraordinary world,’ observed my aunt, rubbing

    unbounded joy

    claim upon him—and succeeded

    ‘Ah!’ said Mr Peggotty, taking up her curls, and running them

    A blank, through which the warriors of poetry and history

    ‘Oh! Personally!’ repeated Mr Jorkins, in an impatient manner

    Have you also said, I will serve you, but these have avoided my flat mouth, sad tears sad indictment of Jedi fall, as if he take her badly.

    We accordingly went up a wonderful old staircase; with a

    of Copperfield, to be left till called for?’ said the guard ‘Come! Is

    much lead I would give the world to go to sleep I sit with my eye

    David Copperfield


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