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    better, if we had not been quite so genteel We were so exceedingly

    acquainted,’ said Mrs Steerforth, as she and I were talking at one

    Larkins sinking her head upon my shoulder, and saying, ‘Oh, Mr

    ‘You are very obliging, my dear Copperfield,’ said Mr

    ‘I’m sorry I should drive you there,’ said Mrs Gummidge

    ‘You are sure?’

    into effect The division of labour to which he had referred was

    never will, I know!

    with the punch and with the fire ‘My dear, another glass?’

    former occasion that I was in expectation of such an event

    reverses, and sincerely believing that no galley-slave or convict

    ‘As you are in no hurry, then,’ said Steerforth, ‘come home with

    occasion), with the bouquet in my hat, to keep it fresh, trotting

    us fall out with one another, for I couldn’t bear it You are my true

    ‘You find us, Copperfield,’ said Mr Micawber, with one eye on


    Steerforth was considerate, too; and showed his consideration,

    subject But I know that when I saw her turn round, in the grave

    another inclination of his body—Punch again—‘that there was a

    every other day, and the light not of the same colour—of a sadder

    and said:

    was, in a most affecting manner

    made a speech capable of this unfeeling construction, but was

    youngest are only nine and ten Sophy educates ’em’

    Miss Betsey thanked him, and we went into his room, which

    ‘Though they are that sort of people that you mentioned,’ I


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