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    the bridge of his blunt nose, while he winked his eyes, and licked

    David Copperfield

    David Copperfield

    again, now running into somebody’s arms, now running headlong

    ‘You are too young to know how the world changes every day,’

    different I felt in one short minute, having Agnes at my side!

    ‘No it’s because you are like no one else You are so good, and

    an establishment I was very sorry for her; but there were

    ‘It’s a bad job,’ he said, when I had done; ‘but the sun sets every

    could, in my way of doing everything to which I applied my

    perhaps—something I would ask, I think, of no one else Have you

    Trotwood lived I needed no second permission; though I was by

    ‘handsome is, that handsome does’—for he was strongly suspected

    number two of the catechism to Mr Peggotty

    ‘T Copperfield, Esquire,’ said the ticket-porter, touching his hat

    to propose two months—three—an indefinite period, in fact—but I

    Not satisfied with all these proceedings, but burning with

    ‘I think he does himself no good by the habit that has increased

    know that she took its impressment into the service of boiling my

    I soon found out that Mrs Gummidge did not always make

    and Ham went out to fish I felt very brave at being left alone in

    o’clock I got up at eight, a little giddy from the shortness of my

    and love with which she lifted up her face to mine, and did so

    I could barely show her my letter I proposed to her to walk out

    and Jorkins, in Doctors’ Commons My aunt, who had this other

    hotter and faster than ever, and dashed up to Highgate, at such a

    on the road, was to appear as old as possible to the coachman, and

    Ham, thoughtfully looking on it ‘With such a little money in it,

    very little affectation, if any; drinking the warm ale with a teaspoon, and soaking her strips of toast in it


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